Meet The Team Behind The Machine

Throughout this program you’re going to hear from a lot of different people. Who are the people involved in Authority Machine?

Hayden Miyamoto

Hayden-250x250Hayden is the co-founder of Wired Investors, is a thought leader in the content marketing niche, and runs the popular blog He has built and scaled several six and seven figure content businesses and has deep experience developing systems to scale content sites.



Scott Davis

profile picScott has been building and scaling online businesses since 2013. By developing detailed systems and processes that allow his businesses to run on autopilot he’s been able to grow and sell a number of 6 figure online businesses without being involved in the daily operations.



Ken Roberts (Kennicus)

profile pic2Ken started a digital agency as employee #3 and scaled the business to over 1 million dollars in revenue while serving as Director of Marketing. During the day he tested out the latest and greatest strategies with clients and at night built niche websites. He is a Google All Star Competition winner and Slater Technology Fund Fellow.



Jake Willhoite

Jake has been building up a portfolio of websites on the side for the last 2 years before going online full-time earlier this year after ditching his career as an aerospace engineer. He’s a self-declared spreadsheet whiz and system building machine.



Moses (The Man Who Only Needs One Name)

profile picMoses has been working remotely from home for the past 3 years. His career started off working full time for Hayden over at Later he took the skills he learned and applied them to his own consulting business, scaling it to 6 figures/year and fully productizing his services.



Tom Smallwood

Tom worked in the corporate world for several years while dabbling with niche sites online. He finally took the plunge and quit his job last year to work online full time. He is currently scaling his own product business as well as manages a few niche sites.



Dan Fries

Dan has been building internet businesses for the past four years. After partnering with Hayden in the summer of 2012, he left a career in medicine to work online. He currently runs a handful of profitable ventures, including an FBA business, an ecommerce store, and an authority site in the health and supplement space.



Robyn Howard

Robyn is a mom, wife, and internet marketer. She started working with the team this summer after she completed the NichePursuits Internship. She had great success putting content creation and link building on overdrive using the detailed systems provided in the internship. She currently works part time with the team while managing her small portfolio of sites.



Ciara Tague

Ciara (pronounced KEER-AH) is a mother of two and digital marketer. She joined the team part time this summer after she nailed two rounds of the Niche Pursuits internship. Her favorite link building strategy is Expert Roundups/Top Lists but she also has a knack for the analytical side of keyword research. In her free time, she is working on building out her first site in the Alternative Medicine niche.



Nick Nichols

A fine artist and visual designer, Nick has spent the past decade living and traveling in Asia and South America. He’s currently working in Mexico with Wired Investors.




Luís Correia (a.k.a. Louie Luc)

Luís saw the incredible potential of the Internet as a means to make money the very first time he got online. Right there, he decided to learn all it takes to succeed and started building and monetizing websites from the year 2000 on. Self-taught web developer and a Marketing graduate, Louie runs several niche / authority and viral-news websites.



Louis Louw

After an amazing 16 years as co-founder and CTO of Spacial (Providers of online broadcasting solutions), Louis is currently working on new ventures, namely buying & making web properties more valuable.

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